“Best I’ve Attended Thus Far”

The Reviews are in on NEDDC 2015

Apr 30 2015 - 8:34am

Earning accolades from “mindblowing” to “invaluable” to “amazing,” IDSA’s 2015 Northeast District Design Conference (NEDDC), chaired by Northeast District VP Jeremy Van Hill, filled in the blanks as promised and filled the seats at The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston April 24-25.

Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA, is impressed with the new talent. "The 12 best Student Merit Award presentations give a clear assessment of the 12 programs," he says. "This is especially relevant as school programs search for differentiation and the profession diversifies."

The Massachusetts College of Art and Design hosted a Portfolio Review; Eastman Innovation Lab sponsored the Talent Networking Workshop.

NEDDC featured sessions on how designers can work with experts in marketing, engineering, experience and business for better outcomes.  Eleven, Essential, Redfish and Sprout Studios hosted open houses.

The NEDDC After Party was held at the House of Blues and hosted by IDSA's Boston Chapter.

More from Twitter @IDSA #IDSANortheast15:

Jason Belaire, IDSA Board Member @BelworldCreate: Given the excellent content and inspiring lineup of speakers, this is going to be an excellent conference!!!

Carie Davis @CarieDavis2: Excited to speak at the Industrial Designers Society of America conf in Boston. Love the theme: Design + ______

tom campanelli @TomCamp318: Can Boston handle this many industrial designers?

Kaumudi Bishnoi @KaumudiWest: Drexel IDSA Merit Award Presenter, IDSA President & VP headed to Boston for IDSA Northeast

Alex Bandazian @DesignxHustle: #IDSANortheast15 was the best I've attended thus far. Amazing job @IDSA Thanks to the design and business #IDSANortheast15 board for their thoughtful responses to my question! Super insightful talks

Koby Trout @kobyfish: @IDSA fantastic conference in #Boston great speakers! Looking forward to next year! Thank you for the hard work!

Ryan Fitzgerald @ryanwfitzgerald: @IDSA Thanks for a great 2 days!

Gregory W. Smiley @MrNeohvi: One of the best I've attended #IDSANortheast15

Ti Chang @DesignerTi: Thanks #IDSAnortheast15! Fantastic conference. Much love and inspiration among designers.

Nat✡Kat @natkat128: @DesignerTi thank you for your inspiration!!!

Alex Lobos @lobosdesign: Thanks @IDSA for a great conference @RIT_ID #IDSANortheast15

tom campanelli @TomCamp318: Huge thank you to @IDSA and all the great speakers and attendees! @DesignerTi @VeloceEng

Graham Tuttle @bythegraham: Great talk by @ryanfitzgerald

Justin Coble @PackageID: Great Design + Business panel today. Great audience questions and very insightful panel.

Gino M. Santaguida @gmsantaguida: @bythegraham I've been to a handful of IDSA conferences #IDSANortheast15 was by far the best experience yet. Brilliant, friendly, passionate people.... “expanding the experience and enabling stakeholders” mindblowing presentation #inspired The Northeast District has so many talented design students! 

Brian C McDonald @BrianCMcDonald: Now it's time for 7 minute student portfolio presentations. Super pumped to see the awesome diverse work…. Serge Roux's designer vs engineer talk definitely speaks to me as an industrial designer who transferred from engineering

Nat✡Kat @natkat128: @IDSA Just wanted to let y'all know that @AngelaYeh's networking workshop was invaluable! Wish I could do that more often!

Faraz Shah @faraz_shah: Congratulations to @ISUdesign ID seniors, I had a great time judging the @IDSA Merit Award presentations. I leave impressed!

Ayse Birsel @AyseBirselSeck: @jeremyvanhill #IDSANortheast15 @IDSA has put together a really cool program in a beautiful auditorium in Harvard!

AngelaYeh @AngelaYeh: Gave my talk about Intentional Communities and inspired by my driven energetic audience! Great solid talent in this crowd.

Alex Lobos @lobosdesign: Learning the breadth, depth, complexity and power of branding at #IDSANortheast15 @IDSA #design Awesomeness

Cate Kate @caitlinmejia12: brilliant event #IDSANortheast15

Participants also live tweeted questions:

Tristan Elliott @rawkout1337: How do you strike a balance between focusing on design and business?

Koby Trout @kobyfish: How do you determine the next "relevant" area that needs design attention?

Interval @intervalspeaks: How do you quantify, qualify, compare and share an innately personal user experience?

And finally, a Tweet that left us inspired:

Brian C McDonald @BrianCMcDonald: If everything is under control, you're not going fast enough - Mario Andretti

Vroom, vroom. Onward to #IDSAMidwest15, May 1-2 in St. Louis. Register now.

Thank you to our NEDDC sponsors: Agora: An Outside Edge, Kaleidoscope, Eastman Innovation Lab,  Radius, Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, solidThinking, 24 Seven, Americad Technology, Autodesk Fusion 360, KeyShot, Dassault Systemes Solidworks, Taylor Box Company, Veloce Engineering, Wanted Design and Wacom.