In Their Own Words: Benefits of Winning #IDSAIDEA

Dec 20 2021 - 12:59pm


“At Microsoft, we believe that technology has the potential to fundamentally change the world around us—pushing creation, learning and innovation to new dimensions. We are humbled to be recognized in several IDEA categories this year.”—Steve Kaneko, FIDSA, partner-director of design, Microsoft IDEA 2017 Best in Show and Gold, Consumer Technology; Gold, Consumer Technology; Gold, Digital Interaction; Bronze, Entertainment

“For anyone who is a maker, who is building something, it’s the ultimate achievement to get an IDEA. IDEA is the award by designers, for designers."—Yves Béhar​, IDSA, founder, fuseproject, multi-IDEA winner

"We strive to make surgery more effective, less invasive and easier on surgeons, patients and their families. We are very proud of the role design plays in providing surgeons with technology that has benefited millions of patients around the world. It is an honor to share our story with the design community and to be recognized with International Design Excellence Awards Gold. We will continue to deliver on this standard of excellence in the years to come."—Tim Hulford, creative director of industrial design, Intuitive IDEA 2016 Gold, Medical & Scientific

“Winning IDEA fundamentally changed everything—everything. It’s hard to put into words how meaningful this recognition is for me.”—Ryan Eder, IDSA IDEA 2016 Gold, Sports & Leisure; Best in Show; Design for Equality


“Blackmagic was honored to win two Gold IDEAs and the Chair Award. We hold the IDEAs in the highest regard and consider them to be one of the toughest global awards programs. A real test of quality and innovation—the awards help to reconfirm with our customers that good design doesn’t have to be expensive, helping underline our mission to democratize the global video industry.”—Simon Kidd, I/IDSA, director of industrial design, Blackmagic Design IDEA 2015 Gold, Commercial & Industrial Products; Chair Award


"Being the first United Kingdom design company to win both Gold and Best in Show at IDEA was a real honor for everyone at our London and San Francisco studios. The insights and empathetic design work we did for Coloplast in the past six years has helped transform their fortunes and the intimacy health care industry for the better. Having this work recognized internationally by IDSA has been very well received by our clients and prospective new clients. Many of them had known about this healthcare work but had not fully appreciated it was by us at Native until the award came out.”—Morten Warren, I/IDSA, founder and CEO, Native IDEA 2015 Gold, Design Strategy; Best in Show


IKO Prosthetic Creative System definitely earned a wider audience after winning IDEA Gold. It was a very interesting moment during the year and these awards validated the project from the product design perspective, they were of great help when teaching collaborators to join the project.—Carlos Arturo Torres, Umeå Institute of Design IDEA 2015 Gold, Student Designs; SPI Award


It was an honor for our Tork Xpressnap Image Napkin Dispensing System to receive two prestigious IDEAs. We continue to see a trend toward high-end napkin dispensers for image-conscious restaurants and a growing appeal for customers who are renovating and looking for a dispenser that’s both functional and aesthetically beautiful.”—Suzanne Cohen, SCA’s North American Away From Home IDEA 2015 Silver, Commercial & Industrial Products; People's Choice


“Winning IDEA Gold and the Curator’s Choice Award has really helped the Flip Reel by Squiddies become well known in a very short amount of time. This, in turn, has helped our business find new sales channels and reach a national market! After going through international design review—competing with the biggest brands and companies on the planet—we are on the top level of excellence.”—Robert Tiller, Tiller Design IDEA 2015 Gold, Sports, Leisure & Recreation; Curator's Choice