IDEA Winner Makes an Impact

2014 IDEA Gold Winner Finds a Design Recipe for Success

Apr 23 2015 - 2:38pm

From the start, more than 230 female consumers and employees weighed in on the design of the Zoom Jet Cookstove—winner of a 2014 Gold IDEA in the Social Impact category. The product’s maker now says that worked so well, EcoZoom wants to integrate gender inclusion throughout the rest of its clean cooking product supply chain.

“It was common sense for us,” Amanda West, EcoZoom co-founder, tells Eco System Marketplace. “The cornerstone of our business is our product, and if we don't have a product women want to use, the whole business was going to crumble anyway…. Then we came out with this awesome charcoal stove that women are in love with.” 

Huffington Post Impact quotes Ben West, co-founder and CEO of EcoZoom: "We hope to be joined by even more companies that strive to use the power of business for positive social and environmental change,”

The Zoom Jet Cookstove is a high-efficiency charcoal cookstove that can reduce charcoal expenses by up to 60 percent. It also reduces harmful emissions and burn risks while providing a more durable alternative to traditional cookstoves. The Zoom Jet was designed by Diana Sierra and Fabio Rios of Diana Sierra LLC.