Five Top Tips to Winning GOLD in IDEA 2016

Oct 12 2017 - 2:14pm

What does it take to win an International Design Excellence Award (IDEA)More than 25,000 entries have been submitted since IDEA began 36 years ago, but fewer than 1,000 have been chosen for Gold. Increase your chances to earn a coveted IDEA with these award-winning tips from former IDEA Jury Chair Matthew Marzynski, IDSA.

  1. Set your design apart. Make it very clear how your design is unique. Make it stand out from similar products in its entry category. The combination of a great design and engaging description increases your chances of winning.
  2. Be clear and concise. If your product is highly technical in nature, take the time to explain, in layperson's terms, what it is; what it does; and why it's important. Even an excellent product won't advance to the next round if the judges don't understand what it is or how it works.
  3. Judges primarily speak and read EnglishIf English is not your first or your native language, get translation assistance. It will be worth the investment because a great product may not get the recognition it deserves if the jury can't fully understand your submission.
  4. Choose the entry category carefully. Be very thoughtful about the category you are entering so that your design is judged against similar products. While the judges have the right to move entries if they aren't in the correct category, this can be time consuming and detracts from the judging process.
  5. Videos are optional! Don't send a video only for the sake of including a video. It doesn't increase your chance of winning if the video doesn't share new information. If all of your information is included in the answers to the questions and images, skip the video.

Get more advice in this behind-the-scenes video on IDEA jurying. The IDEA 2016 Ceremony and Gala is set for The Henry Ford Museum on August 17. Read about the IDEA 2016 jurors. If you have questions, Contact us at 703.707.6000 or email Follow the excitement @IDSA #IDSAIDEA @TheHenryFord on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and @IDSAdesign on Instagram.