10 Reasons to Enter IDEA

Feb 5 2019 - 4:52pm


Thousands of designs are entered into the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) every year. Here are our top ten reasons to enter IDEA!

1. World recognition – The IDEA competition receives international coverage every year. Along with IDSA, many newspapers, magazines and other media outlets publish the winning IDEA designs.

2. The exposure to other designers and companies – Winning an IDEA not only exposes you to potential consumers, but it also helps showcase your designs to other designers. Designers and firms that enter IDEA closely follow who wins to see what their competitors are doing, find inspiration, and even look for new talent for their teams.

3. The judges The IDEA 2019 competition has 40 outstanding judges from top firms, companies and schools such as Apple, Casper, Google, Stryker, Knoll, Microsoft, MNML, Volume, Skewed, ArtCenter College of Design, Loughborough University and more!

4. IDEA Gala – All IDEA winners are invited to attend the IDEA Gala where they will receive recognition during the event and receive trophies!

5. The trophies! All IDEA Gold, Silver and Bronze winners receive the unique IDEA trophy.

6. Your career – Winning an IDEA is an astounding achievement. Whether you are still in school or well into your career, winning an IDEA can take you to the next level of your professional journey. When you can tell a potential employer or customer that you are an IDEA winner, they know you are a skilled designer.

7. IDEA gallery tens of thousands of people look at the IDEA gallery every year. Winners and Featured Finalists are showcased in the IDEA gallery. 

8. INNOVATION winners and Featured Finalists are published in the Yearbook of Design Excellence issue of INNOVATION magazine.


9. IDSA social media – All IDEA winners receive recognition on the IDSA social media profiles, which have more than 52,000+ followers!

10. The Henry Ford Museum – All Gold, Silver and Bronze winning designs are permanently held at The Henry Ford Museum.

11. (Bonus!) Visa Application – International winners applying for visas into the US are able to include their IDEA honor on their visa application. The honor can also be listed in an O-1B Visa Letter.


Enter IDEA 2019 by March 15, 2019