Why #MaterialsMatter

Farrell Calabrese, IDSA, Takes the Creative Lead in Free, Live Webinar

Jun 22 2016 - 2:54pm

Farrell Calabrese, IDSA, is the creative manager for the Eastman Innovation Lab (EIL), a strategic program that pairs Eastman experts in material science—with leaders in industrial design and architecture. Register now for the free, live, new #IDSAWebinar #MaterialsMatter on 1pm EST on Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

Calabrese finds that as the world continues to rapidly innovate, the way we interact with products is changing. "Keeping the end-user at the heart of your design is increasingly important—as are the materials you use," she says. 

Calabrese, who leads the EIL team in storytelling and creative partnerships to bring industrial design, innovation, business collaboration and design thinking to life, explores how materials can inspire new possibilities, helping you create designs that are as impactful as they are beneficial to the world around you. Post your questions for Calabrese on @IDSA #IDSAWebinar on Twitter.

"We're finding that consumers are asking more and more, 'What is this made of?' so designers have to think about the materials that go into each product they design. As a materials manufacturer, we have to be on the forefront of this conversation. We're finding that materials matter to a lot more people on all levels of the value chain."

Calabrese believes materials can advance the world around us and dedicates her time at Eastman to help educate designers and brands about material possibilities—helping to bring new innovations to market. EIL is powered by Eastman Chemical, an IDSA Ambassador.

This is the second in IDSA's new webinar series, "Take the Creative Lead," also featuring Michael Paterson, IDSA, on May 25 and Megan Neese, IDSA, on July 27. Post your questions on Twitter @IDSA #IDSAWebinar now.