Which US ID Program Is #1? 2014 Rankings Revealed

Oct 7 2014 - 11:02am

The Design Futures Council—via Design Intelligence—has once again published the findings of their survey on how effectively architecture and design schools in the United States are preparing young designers to enter the work force.

If you’ve seen these findings from previous years, you know they’re an indispensable resource for gauging how perceptions of ID programs are evolving in the eyes of the companies who hire design graduates. So which are viewed as the top ID programs right now?

To determine the Top 10 Industrial Design Programs for 2014, the Council asked this question—among others:

In your firm's hiring experience in the past five years, which schools are best preparing students for success in the profession?

And here are the schools that were rated most highly:

1) University of Cincinnati
2) Art Center College of Design
3) Syracuse University

1) Art Center College of Design
2) Savannah College of Art and Design
3) Auburn University
3) Carnegie Mellon University
3) Georgia Institute of Technology
3) Pratt Institute

Note: Duplicate rankings indicate schools that received the same number of votes in the survey.

Which schools rounded out these Top 10s? How do the rankings compare to years past? Which programs rate as best when it comes to sustainable design practices or design research? What did the survey respondents say was the most important quality a new graduate could possess? And how satisfied were they with the state of industrial design education in the United States today?

To learn the answers to those questions and many others, you’ll need to download the full report.