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Jan 6 2017 - 8:01am

Samsung v Apple: What you Need to Know
Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016  1:00PM ET

Robert Katz, A/IDSA
Principal Shareholder
Banner & Witcoff, Ltd., an IDSA Ambassador

The FREE webinar will review the positions taken, now that the US Supreme Court ruled Dec. 6, 2016 on the historic Samsung v Apple case. Predictions on how the outcome could affect designers and their companies will be discussed. Alternative solutions also will be discussed.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Obtain a better understanding of this important case
  • Learn the law regarding damages for design patent infringement
  • Realize possible outcomes of the case and how it may affect future innovation

Robert Katz, A/IDSA, of Banner & Witcoff, an IDSA Ambassador, has helped procure more than 6,000 design patents in the United Stataes and 18,000+ design patents/registrations outside the country and helped to successfully enforce more than 100 design patents. He is a frequent speaker on industrial design-related topics and has been invited to speak before industry and legal professional organizations on six continents. He is a professor at George Washington University Law School and Georgetown University Law School, and currently serves as treasurer of FICPI’s US Section and as vice-chair of INTA’s Design Rights Committee.


Have Your Cake and Eat It Too:  Trade Dress and Design Patent Protection for Designs
Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016  1:00PM ET

Corinne Miller LaGosh
reenberg Traurig

The FREE webinar will provide an in-depth discussion of trade dress rights and design patent protection. The webinar will focus on how both design patents and trade dress protect the appearance and aesthetic features of a product and will include a discussion of the distinctions between them and the complementary nature of both forms of IP protection for designs.

You'll learn:

  • The different coverage and purposes of design patent protection and trade dress rights. 
  • The interplay between the two forms of IP protection.
  • Instances where both can be used or where it is better to use one form of protection over the other.

Attorney Corinne M. LaGosh focuses her practice on intellectual property, with an emphasis on patent prosecution and litigation. LaGosh has represented clients’ intellectual property interests in federal district courts throughout the country. LaGosh also maintains a patent prosecution practice, preparing and prosecuting utility and design patent applications. LaGosh received her BS in biology from George Mason University and her JD from Michigan State University College of Law.  After graduating from law school, she served as law clerk to the Honorable Ivan D. Davis of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

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7 Mistakes You DON’T Want to Make with Patents
Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016  1:00PM ET

Jarrod Barker
Outerspace Design

Innovation is so important in product development but never forget that the devil is in the details. Forgetting to protect intellectual property is one of those blunders that can make or break a business, but the patent application process itself is riddled with opportunities for error. Get it right the first time and you can move forward—confident that your ideas are protected. Get it wrong—and you might find yourself on the wrong side of a patent infringement case. There is also tremendous potential to extend your original concept through the IP protection process.

  • Get a reality check on your new concept.
  • Put space between you and your competitors.
  • Further develop and extend your original concept, it's not all negative.

Jarrod Barker has a keen interest in technology development and operations. He has an honors degree in mechanical engineering and his industry experience spans product design, sports technology, medical device engineering and power generation.  He has worked for a leading design consultancy in Cambridge, UK and now runs the Outerspace Design branch in San Diego, CA. With a diverse background, Barker is a believer in great products coming from a balance of design, engineering and a huge amount of hard work. His multidisciplinary education, experience and interests are suited particularly to working with tech start-ups who appreciate close collaboration and swift results. Barker is always exploring, learning or tinkering with new technology and is into some of the maker hobbies such as DIY, electronics and programming.

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How Where We Live, Will Reshape How We Move
Wednesday, July 27, 2016  1:00PM ET

Megan Neese, IDSA
IDSA Board of Directors: Chair-Elect 2016-17; Director-At-Large 2014-16; Sections VP 2011–13

Increasingly, the cars of today are developed for the scenario of commuting and driveway parking—but cities are planning for a very different future. Across the world, we are living in congested, sprawling metropolises where challenges of congestion and pollution are inspiring changes in how we choose to live and therefore how we move. Neese finds that in this new era where products are also assumed to be a harmonious integration of software, hardware and service—we imagine a new frontier for the future of mobility and the auto industry as we know it.

Megan Neese, IDSA, is a senior manager of Future Lab at Nissan Motor Limited--a global, cross-functional team tasked with identifying new business opportunities for the Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun brands. Prior to this she held similar design strategy positions at BMW Group DesignworksUSA, Samsung Design America and Nissan North America. In the past 10 years she has helped build design research and strategy functions at two start-up firms and led innovation programs as a client and for clients such as John Deere, LG Electronics, Navistar and Direct TV. Neese holds a bachelor's degree in industrial design from Carnegie Mellon University and a master's degree in product development through CMU's Integrated Innovation Institute.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016  1:00PM ET

Farrell Calabrese, IDSA
Creative Manager, Eastman Innovation Lab

As the world continues to rapidly innovate, the way we interact with products is changing. Keeping the end-user at the heart of your design is increasingly important—as are the materials you use. Calabrese explores how materials can inspire new possibilities, helping you create designs that are as impactful as they are beneficial to the world around you.

Farrell Calabrese, IDSA, is the creative manager for the Eastman Innovation Lab (EIL), a strategic program that pairs Eastman experts in material science—with leaders in industrial design and architecture. Calabrese leads the EIL team in storytelling and creative partnerships to bring industrial design, innovation, business collaboration and design thinking to life. She believes that materials can advance the world around us and dedicates her time at Eastman to help educate designers and brands about material possibilities—helping to bring new innovations to market. EIL is powered by Eastman Chemical, an IDSA Ambassador.


The Method Designer
Wednesday, May 25, 2016  1:00PM ET

Michael Paterson, IDSA
Senior Industrial Designer, GoPro

Paterson asks, "Are you a method designer?" We have a duty as designers to utilize experiential or immersive insight gathering as an integrated aspect of our process. It not only allows us to achieve a level of empathy with the user—it arms us with a tacit knowledge that makes our design effort more focused and purposeful. With method acting, Stanislavski set out to convey "truth" through a more human system of acting—encouraging actors to build a cognitive and emotional understanding of their role. “Method designing” describes a similar approach to design—one that applies common sense over complex frameworks. Paterson will share examples from his experiences to demonstrate how an empathetic approach leads to relevant and compelling product experiences. He will explore what is the least we can do when research is not in project scope—and what we might miss if we aren’t method designers.

Michael Paterson, IDSA, is an internationally-acclaimed industrial designer who has led the design of many commercially and critically successful consumer products. By observing behaviors, experiencing and studying other human situations, Paterson strives to create memorable and relevant product experiences. Through collaboration with leading global brands, he’s reached millions of people around the world with his work. Currently a senior industrial designer at GoPro, Paterson has worked with Philips Design, TEAGUE and IA Collaborative. He’s earned design awards including Red Dot, iF Product, CES Innovations, INDEX and The President's Design Award, Singapore.