NASAD Approved!

NJIT School of Art and Design Earns Major Accreditation

Dec 11 2015 - 10:51am

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)—designated by IDSA as the principal accreditation for ID programs recognized by IDSA—has granted accreditation to New Jersey Institute of Technology’s School of Art + Design.

NASAD recognizes that the programs offered by the school meet the externally-set standards that are applied uniformly to all schools in the United States.

“Access to many professional services and contacts for industrial design students are restricted to those enrolled in a NASAD accredited program,” says Glenn Goldman, director of the School of Art + Design. “NASAD accreditation allows all of the NJIT art and design students full access to the benefits of their respective professional societies and organizations.”

He adds, “It tells industry partners, potential employers and our graduates that the programs satisfy a rigorous set of requirements, and that our students have been given opportunities to obtain both a strong, well-rounded general education and discipline-specific skills and knowledge in art and design.”

Now, NJIT becomes the only comprehensive research university in the New Jersey/New York City metropolitan area to earn the seal of approval from NASAD; National Architectural Accrediting Board; and Council for Interior Design.

“This is especially important where persons unfamiliar with the school or programs may not consider the possibility that strong art and design programs coexist within a strong technical university. In fact,” Goldman continues, “this accreditation serves as a confirmation that art and design can excel within a comprehensive research university with the mission to create new knowledge, rather than being an ‘either/or’ situation (art or technology)—NJIT provides both.”

Among other NASAD requirements, NJIT had to upgrade and expand fabrication amenities available to students, especially in industrial design. Some of the enhancements include modernized and expanded 3D printing and metal fabrication facilities; improved ventilation for the laser cutting facility, which allows more efficient use of existing equipment; and the planned launch of the Motion Capture Studio for the digital design program.

The IDSA Student Chapter faculty advisor at NJIT is Jose Alcala, IDSA, an NJIT architecture alum who earned his master's in industrial design from Pratt Institute.