Launching Imaginations

Registration Opens for Camp Invention Across US

May 16 2017 - 10:43am

The National Inventors Hall of Fame is hosting Camp Invention 2017 across the country this summer. The one-week program held at locations around the United States inspires creativity, innovation and problem solving in fun and exciting ways to build confidence. “Concepts of problem solving are an integral part of being a successful human, and we don’t always make the time to teach them in school," says Kristin Wells who leads a Camp Invention in the Lake Stevens School District in California. "Kids need to understand that being creative and knowing multiple strategies for finding solutions will become a part of everything that they do, and eventually make them better learners and more employable adults."

Wells knows all about making things happen. She earned a bachelor's degree in industrial design at Western Washington University. "What appealed the most to me about ID was the ability to mix creativity and engineering principles.  I have always pushed back on the concept that 'We do something this way because that's the way we have always done it.'  The ability to embrace new ideas and push forward from the foundation of science is the biggest thrill out there!  And if I get to fire kids up to think that way, it's a win-win!"

Children entering kindergarten through sixth grade are eligible for the curriculum that features fun, age-appropriate activities. It's the only nationally recognized, non-profit elementary enrichment program inspired by the National Inventors Hall of Fame inductees and led by certified instructors with hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering, math and more.

Some programs include activities such as:

  • Duct Tape Billionaire™: Children can choose to explore their imaginations and invent from scratch, or they can select a basic design to make their own. They explore patents, hear how to launch a business and present their products to mock investors.
  • Mission Space Makers™: Locate and prepare a new planet for human habitation. Teams design inventions that transform the atmosphere, terrain and ecosystem of an exoplanet; set up a Space Lab to hatch eggs; and grow crystal trees.
  • Have A Blast™: Fling, fly and float through high-energy air battles while using physics; engineer a variety of working tools, including “snowball” throwers, a giant air cannon and more. Everyone builds their own high-tech Bubble Blaster with flashing lights to take home.
  • Operation Keep Out™: Create the ultimate Spy Gadget Alarm Box to keep treasures secure. Decode a note written in invisible ink, take apart worn out electronics and wire an Alarm Box. Become an electrical engineering super spy!

Dates, times, and prices vary by location. Use the program locator to find a Camp Invention near you and inspire the next generation of design!