Healthcare Design and the User Experience

Jul 21 2017 - 1:12pm

The IDSA Medical Design Special Interest Section is presenting a series of four webinars on Healthcare Design and the User Experience. IDSA members can register for free! Nonmembers can sign up for $25 per webinar. Post your questions now for the experts, using #IDSAWebinar on Twitter @IDSA.


Unpacking the Ecosystem of Healthcare Consumers

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Eunji Park
Lead Design Strategist
Karten Design

Once passive participants simply receiving care—patients today are taking on a greater responsibility in their healthcare decisions. As a result, it is more important than ever for solution providers to understand the emerging “health consumer” and the dynamics that influence their decisions. In this webinar, Eunji Park, lead design strategist for Karten Design, will:

  • identify new opportunities for innovation through deep user insights;
  • ​uncover macro and micro contexts that influence user behaviors and needs;
  • and define the user experience journey and its ecosystem. 

Park spearheads innovation and design strategy programs for key clientele such as Kohler and Halyard Health. Combining design research expertise and creative ideation capabilities, Park works with partners to identify, develop and articulate future-forward innovation pathways. She develops frameworks that provide companies with a strategic direction in the marketplace and fuel the generation of user friendly, market-ready solutions. Since joining Karten Design in 2009, Park has developed a specialty in connected health and helped clients such as Starkey, Axonics Modulation Technologies, Biotronik and Procter & Gamble embrace the convergence of medical and consumer technologies. She is a product design graduate of the Art Center College of Design and a faculty member of its product design department. She also holds a degree in English education from Chonnam National University in Korea. 


Art in the OR: How Industrial Designers Unlock Opportunities of Innovation for Medical Devices

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Bob Worrell, IDSA
Worrell Design
Nicole Parks
Industrial Design Manager
Worrell Design

Whether inside the OR or within the walls of a design studio, being a designer in the medical space may be one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs. Bob WorrellIDSA, founder of Worrell, Inc. and Nicole Parks, industrial design manager, will provide insights into the essential role Worrell’s industrial designers play during the medical device development process. They will cover topics including how they design while facing impossible-feeling constraints within extremely regulated and rigorous environments, the tools they use to achieve innovation, and more. Worrell is a multi-faceted healthcare design and innovation firm. Since 1976, it has applied the principles of design to the practice of medicine. Today, Worrell works with some of the largest hospital systems, medical device, pharmaceutical and technology companies to provide better products and services that transform the healthcare landscape.

With more than 40 years in the design business, Worrell has been awarded numerous national and international design awards. He is the inventor of Censys®, a proprietary customer research process and predictive modeler of consumer behavior. He has served on the AAMI Human Factors Committee for medical devices and named one of the 100 notable people in the medical device industry by MDDI. He was a founder of Pelegrin Partners, a Venture Catalyst firm licensing technology from Mayo Clinic to start new companies in Minnesota, and a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on design and innovation and contributor of articles in numerous publications. He holds a degree in industrial design from Purdue University.

Parks is an industrial designer with a decade of experience bringing innovative medical products to the market. She excels at understanding and translating user needs into successful products. She holds a BFA in industrial design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.


Prescription by Design: Disrupting the User Interface

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Mary Beth Privitera, PhD, FIDSA
HFE/Research, HS Design, Inc.
Tor Alden, IDSA
HS Design, Inc.

Today’s medical device technology development has made great strides toward improving patient care through digital engagement; re-enabling primary care teams through virtual care; enabling patients to take more responsibility in their health data driven interfaces; and promoting productive disruption in diagnostic and therapeutic care.

Upfront strategy, upper management buy in, technical support, and ultimately the users must be involved. Disruptive changes in complex systems do not come easily and take time to embrace. Mary Beth Privitera, PhD, FIDSA, and Tor Alden, IDSA—both of HS Design—will challenge traditional design practices—digging deeper in technology development, contextual understanding and planning of strategic obsolescence to gain acceptance in disruptive practices.

Privitera and Alden are principals at HSD. Combined, their experience and expertise in research and product development span complex life science, medical, pharmaceuticals delivery systems, wearables and consumer healthcare projects—in fields ranging from of endovascular neurosurgery, cardiology through general surgery devices. 

As CEO, Alden drives the multi-disciplinary collaboration at HSD. He holds more than 30 patents and his work has earned multiple design awards. His passion is working with emerging technologies with a focus on humanizing next generation medical systems. 

Privitera leads the HFE and Research team at HSD. She has been associated with more than 30 product releases and holds several patents. She has authored Contextual Inquiry for Medical Device Design, promoting best practices for phase zero medical device development. Privitera chaired the second annual IDSA Medical Design Conference in Tampa, FL, in 2015 and was inducted into IDSA’s Academy of Fellows in 2016.

Alden and Privitera currently serve on the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation’s Human Engineering Committee. Additionally, Privitera serves as faculty and co-chair of the committee. Both Alden and Privitera served previously as officers in IDSA.


IDSA Patient Safety Task Force

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Sean Hägen, IDSA 
Hägen Design, Inc.


Task Force Chair Sean Hägen, IDSA, provides an overview of the IDSA Patient Safety Task Force and its multi-faceted strategic plan that maps out initiatives to promote the greater design community to enable healthcare service providers to minimize medical error or prevent adverse events impacting global healthcare. The scope of this mission extends beyond enhancing the clinician and patient therapeutic experience as the common role of industrial design requires the integration of commercial, clinical, political and cultural tactics.

Hägen earned a bachelor of science in product design from The Ohio State University’s industrial design program, with an emphasis on human factors engineering, design research and design methodology. Hägen has more than 30 years of research and product development experience in a variety of industries—ranging from luxury vehicles and mission critical, ruggedized electronics—to medical devices and user interfaces. 

Since founding BlackHägen Design, Inc. (BH) in 1995, he has led design research and usability design projects in both institutional and home environments across 18 countries. His current focus at BH is in the management of the user research and insight translation phases of product development. That includes contextual inquiry, usability testing, user-centric innovation, user requirements establishment and user interface design. 

Hägen has published articles on usability research and design as well as contributed to domestic and international standards for usability. He is currently an active member on the AAMI Human Factors Committee, where he is a contributing author to the revision of ANSI/HE75, TIR 50 and 59. He has been the IDSA Medical Section chair since 2010; IDSA Medical Design Conference chair in 2014; and currently serves as section director on IDSA’s Board of Directors.


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