Design is that Word

Georgia Tech Turns College of Architecture into College of Design

May 18 2016 - 1:49pm

Georgia Tech has renamed its College of Architecture, the College of Design, and calls the new name "a better reflection of our academic diversity; a more accurate description of what drives our research; and an idea that unites all five schools in the college."

"We’re proud of the name and confident it will position us as the premier college for technology-focused design education," adds the college. "This is a change we deliberately and painstakingly made to address our truly interdisciplinary nature and build on our unique legacy as part of the Georgia Institute of Technology."

The College of Architecture was unveiled in 1975. In the last ten years, its number of academic programs has doubled; most of them are not based in architecture.

"What we do is groundbreaking, forward-looking and not easy to describe in one word. Or so we thought," says the college. "Now we think 'Design' is that word. It’s a name that fits our output as well as our environment. It’s also a great opportunity for our college to broaden the definition of “Design,” especially since design means many things at Georgia Tech."

For example, the School of Industrial Design takes a humanist and forward-looking approach to designing things and environments while using the design process to further integrate, or even invent, technologies and objects.

Georgia Tech has an IDSA Student Chapter; Senior Lecturer Kevin Shankwiler, IDSA, is the faculty advisor. "At a Tier 1 research university like Georgia Tech, the change of name from Architecture to the College of Design is a significant recognition of design’s impactful role within and around the Institute," he says. "It’s a big boost for our School of Industrial Design and the broader design disciplines in general."

He adds that at Georgia Tech, industrial design sits in the middle of technology, engineering and various interdisciplinary units. "We are genuinely excited about and focused on technology—leveraging it as part of the design process was well as designing technology for people to use. The new College of Design highlights that we are uniquely placed to both predict and deliver the future."