Tipping Point

Autodesk and Microsoft Spark 3D

May 18 2015 - 8:59am

Autodesk has announced it will embed its Spark 3D printing software platform in Microsoft Windows 10, providing users with direct access to optimized and more reliable printing experiences that streamline the additive manufacturing process.

“We’re approaching a tipping point with 3D printing, which means there is a huge market opportunity waiting for companies developing applications for Windows 10,” says Steve Guggenheimer, a Microsoft corporate vice president. “By providing the 3D printing building blocks found in the Spark platform and optimizing it for Windows 10, Autodesk has empowered our global developer community to confidently enter this new world of additive manufacturing.”

Autodesk also expects to bring 3D models from its software into the virtual reality environment of Microsoft HoloLens. For game developers and filmmakers, this may accelerate the creation of a new generation of entertainment experiences. For designers and engineers, this may make it possible to digitally view a full scale model during the upfront design phase of product development, cutting the time and cost required for physical prototypes before fabrication.

In the future, designers and engineers could create 3D models of their ideas with Autodesk software, view the models with HoloLens and prep them for 3D printing on Spark-compatible printers.

“Together with Microsoft and its global community of developers, we have an opportunity to tackle the complexities of 3D design and printing head-on to improve how things are made and even change the very nature of what we create,” says Samir Hanna, vice president and general manager, Consumer and 3D Printing, Autodesk.