"A Bit Like Magic"

First National Industrial Design Day Makes Its Mark

Mar 16 2015 - 11:08pm

IDSA had plenty of support to mark its 50th anniversary and the first National Industrial Design Day on March 5, 2015, from social media to social gatherings!

We're happy to report, the congratulations are still coming in.

Here are some of our favorites from Twitter:

  • rienne @IMADGE: The more I ponder this, the more I think 'Yes, MacGyver was an industrial designer.' #IndustrialDesignDayUS
  • #IDSA50Dalibor @DaliDimovski: @IDSA My best design #IDSA50 pic.twitter.com/e64aMFbjcX
  • Jake @Jake30GP: Happy birthday to my friends at #IDSA50! Keep building up America one design at a time.
  • Audrey Barnes @iamAudreyBarnes: Happy #IndustrialDesignDayUS! Now go make something awesome!​
  • Scott Jost @thepkgdesigner: #IndustrialDesignDayUS Our own act of Congress! Happy 1st ID Day to all of my fellow IDers. DaVinci would be proud.

On LinkedIn,  Peter Wachter, IDSA, writes: "Regardless how each of us may feel about a particular designer's approach, personality or body of work, there are many heroes, some unsung, who have significantly enhanced the awareness and perception of our field among the general population.... Proudly hoist your digital glasses... Here's to all of us, from all generations, for all that we do. Cheers."

And there were good old fashioned, in-person celebrations.

IDSA's Rocky Mountain Chapter got together for dinner, welcoming more than 30 students and professionals, including Western District VP Jason Belaire.

Matt Gesualdi, IDSA, tells us, "It was great fun celebrating industrial design instead of just expecting something from it." Gesualdi has served as adjunct faculty at the Community College of Denver and the Art Institute of Colorado, and judged design competitions. "As an instructor for ID, I was very impressed with how so many grads turned out. Many of them have good jobs they like and have created a body of work that makes their school portfolios look puny. I'm proud of them and it was great catching up and seeing them as design professionals.”

Chapter Chair Dan Griner reflects on what industrial design means to him. "A chance to impact the people and world around me in a positive way. I think being a designer is a bit like magic, to think that what starts as just a random firing of neurons in your brain  combined with your own skills and abilities can bring something new into the world. Something that you might have been the first to think of. "

Griner says those who attended the get together share the need to create. "That spirit and the camaraderie is what we chose to celebrate. IDSA reaching 50 years is a major milestone and many of the people in that room will carry the torch forward past the next milestone. To me, IDSA is a way to share what I have learned and to help spread knowledge and experience to keep our industry growing and vibrant."

The Ohio Southern Chapter held its annual party to coincide with IDSA's 50th. Attendees enjoyed food, drinks, 3D printing, sketching and soldering at Dayton's Proto Build Bar.

The Indiana Chapter attended a flim screening of "Teague: Design & Beauty" at the Indanapolis Museum of Art.

The news also earned praise from industry, related associations and institutions such as Citrix, ICSID, AIGA, DMI, SPI and Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Muiseum. It was covered in media including The Boston Globe, Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Miami Herald, International Business TImes, Design Applause, Media Designer, RotoWorld, Virtual Strategy, Delabuzz, Benzinga, Consumer Electronics Net, OneNewsPage, Street Insider and The DieLIne.

Product Design and Development featured a new interview with IDSA Board Chair Charles Austen Angell. "“When you have consumers looking for a more sophisticated and more value-oriented experience, you’re going to see that it takes a more sophisticated and value-oriented approach. And that’s what industrial designers are all about,” said the Modern Edge founder and chief executive officer.

And from Solid Smack: "Hold onto your anodized aluminum hats and bring out the foamcore piñatas! Today, March 5, 2015 is being recognized as the very first National Industrial Design Day.... So whether you’re in the field conducting user research, busting out your 50th round of thumbnail sketches, going crazy with fillets in SolidWorks or just simply taking the day off today—our hats are off to all of you industrial designers out there."

We couldn't have designed it better ourselves.

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