#DesignDay: We Asked; You Answered!

"Why Does Industrial Design Matter to You?"

Mar 17 2016 - 3:31pm

IDSA asked, “Why does industrial design matter to you?” and the answers flooded in from around the world on social media to mark the second National Industrial #DesignDay on March 5, 2016 in the United States. There were thousands of posts, shares and likes on @IDSA on Twitter and Facebook. They came from as far away as Finland (@arctic_d_) and the Netherlands (@gunayg_ig) to Egypt (@RafiqElmansy) and Iran (@IDapple7design); and from the School of Interactive Arts +Technology (@SIAT_SFU) in Surrey, British Columbia to design firms in Bogota, Colombia such as @MarliDesign.

IDSA staff celebrated with cake at the Society's national headquarters near Washington, DC. "There are very few professions that touch everyone, everyday," said IDSA Executive Director Daniel Martinage, CAE. "Industrial design does so in a powerful way."

Senior Creative Director Karen Berube and Manager of IDSA Awards and Competitions Karen Foust delivered the IDSA Special Award to US Congressman Gerald Connolly (@gerryconnolly) at his Capitol Hill office, to recognize him for entering the first National Industrial Design Day into the US Congressional Record last year.

Designers, of course, responded creatively! On a suggestion from Hina Shahid (@hinakiduniya), a board member of IDSA’s New York Chapter, Vijay Chakravarty (@Vijay_Chk)—chair of IDSA’s New York Chapter and senior designer at Michael Graves Architecture and Design—took the time to craft a video with fellow designers Vladimir Anokhin, IDSA, and Jenn Lydell, who proclaimed, “Industrial design is a great career choice for those of us who are born creative, who love problem solving and want to make the world a better place!”

In a second video, Chakravarty typed “industrial design” into a search engine and captured questions most asked about ID. "As long as you have a product that you can hold, touch and feel and use, you’re going to have industrial design,” answered Chakravarty. “I’m an industrial designer and I love it.... Are you creative; do you like to sketch; do you like to make things that are functional and beautiful? In that case, it’s definitely for you!”

Frequent @IDSA retweeter, Marcio Caballero de Carranza Dupont (@maducao) of San Paolo, Brazil, celebrated his own birthday right along with IDSA’s 51st birthday—both on March 5! @Jake_Tennyson announced his plan to attend IDSA’s Southeast District Design Conference (#SDDC16) along with fellow students from @NCStateDesign. He also proudly posted a photo of his first furniture design! Greg Aper, IDSA, of @Whipsaw_inc, who will speak at IDSA's West District Design Conference (#WDDC16) in Denver from April 1-2, congratulated @IDSA on #DesignDay. 

We also received well wishes from Carnegie Mellon University’s Integrated Innovation Institute (@CMUInnovation). which hopes to send representatives to IDSA’s Central District Design Conference (#CDDC16) at Carnegie Museum of Art (@CMOA) from April 1 to 2 in Pittsburgh.

On our LinkedIn: "Industrial designers give meaning and value to the artifacts and systems of society," wrote Lloyd Philpott of Huntsville, AL.

From Roger Belveal in Fort Worth, TX: "That place where differing forces and forms intersect. Life happens. ID is that place.... Call it design thinking, experience design, product design, or just design. It's indsutrial design."

Becky Suciu, IDSA, of Boston wrote, "I credit doctors and nurses for saving my premature daughter's life. But actually, I also credit the unknown industrial designers who thought about making intubation tubes, chest tubes, feeding tubes, IV lines, needles, etc. - small enough to work for such a tiny person. Without those tools available, doctors would not be able to perform miracles on a daily basis!”

“I've heard that it was said by Steven Hawking: ‘The goal of science is to have theory match observation.’ We are Scientists. We are problem solvers who are sensitive in ways that we can see into multi-level problems, like detectives. We are sculptors. We are Artists. We are Creators and Directors. Followers AND Leaders. Listeners. We like to work with people,” posted Jeremy DePalma from Seattle.

Ashish Anand of @ROKAutomation in Mikwaukee, WI posted “Happy #DesignDay, let’s keep designing stuff… Thanks @IDSA!” along with photos of his son and the youngster’s sketches. @ShaneLandry of Microsoft in Seattle shouted out, “Happy Industrial #DesignDay from a friendly neighborhood designer. Thanks @IDSA and all the designers that make our lives better every day.”

And on a "share the love" note: @Gregory_Meyer of @MNML_Studio (which won an ISDA International Design Excellence Award [IDEA] Gold in 2015 for Blackline Bicycle) declared, "Hug an industrial designer!"