Art to Part

"From the Mind of the Industrial Designer to the Expertise of the Engineer"

May 13 2015 - 10:32am

Design News is taking a closer look at the concept-to-engineering transition of product design. Design News’ Al Bredenberg writes:

In a company announcement from solidThinking parent company Altair, Tom Hicks, industrial designer at Lear Corp., mentions the goal of capturing “the essence of 'art to part.'”

Evolve is one of the prominent solutions in the emerging category of freeform design and digital prototyping tools, which allow the designer to render a product idea at the conceptual stage before committing to a full-blown engineering design in CAD. Other solutions in this category include 3DExperience by SolidWorks and Alias by Autodesk.

“CAD tools work best if you have exact dimensions and parameters that you're building to,” Darren Chilton, solidThinking's program manager for Evolve, told Design News. “That can be a little bit difficult for the industrial designer creating a brand-new concept or the next generation of a product. You don't always know the dimensions at that point. You're still trying to figure those things out.”

Chilton hosted an IDSA webinar on Evolve in April 2015 entitled “Model with Unrivaled Flexibility.” Download the webinar video.