IDSA-NY and Ford Sponsor Panel Session on Design Innovation

Feb 4 2015 - 9:05am

On December 10, IDSA-NY and Ford sponsored an informative and thought-provoking panel session entitled, “Designing Innovation: Now and Beyond with Ford Motor Company.” Panelists Rama Chorpash, IDSA (moderator), Craig Metros, Ingrid Fetell, Allan Chochinov and Steve Schlaffman discussed a wide range of topics, from “what does it mean to be a pioneer?” to the impact and implications technology has on design, and in turn, that design has on society.

The panel started by exploring what it means to be a pioneer. Metros, exterior design director of the Americas at Ford Motor Company, felt that one definition is that someone’s vision of something as-yet unknown could be seen as “unbelievable,” so thus, any person who creates the unbelievable could be termed a pioneer. He used Henry Ford’s creation of the assembly line and its transformation through the years from man to machine as an example.

The discussion then turned to technology and included whether or not data gathering was a looming Pandora’s Box, and whether consumers are starting to revolt from their data being manipulated by companies, or whether they are becoming more willing to opt in to letting companies utilize their data in order to provide more personalized messages and products.

The panel closed by discussing designers’ role in helping facilitate the “opt out” experience. To view the entire panel session, click here.