Engaging on a District Level

Why Should You Sponsor or Exhibit at an IDSA District Design Conferences?

Feb 12 2015 - 5:28pm

IDSA’s District Design Conferences provide a unique opportunity to connect with experienced innovators and design leaders. More than 1,300 attendees will participate in this year’s series, March through May, in a variety of locations (hotel, convention center and universities) during an expanded, 1.5 day schedule.

Take the opportunity to sponsor exceptional content; broaden your local network; display your products and services; and engage with today’s cutting edge design leaders. Co-sponsorships, custom sponsorships and supplemental advertising packages also are available. Learn more about the distinctive agenda set for each district. Here’s what’s ahead:

2015 District Design Conferences:

  • South | March 26–27, Orlando (in conjunction with NPE's International Plastics Showcase) Home Cooking—Designing, Manufacturing and Sourcing in the USA: The Southern District wants to take that idea of home cooking and dive into how corporations and entrepreneurs are designing, manufacturing and sourcing their products in the USA.
  • West | April 10—11, San Jose TRIBE: CRAFT: Through exploration of design swarms, tribal brand-leading keynotes, panel discussions and maker-style workshops, consultants and corporate designers will learn tangible skills to sharpen their craft.
  • Central | April 17—18, Columbus College of Art and Design The Nature of Design: Nature is arguably the greatest inspiration for designers all over the globe. We still have a lot to learn from the flora and fauna and the immense ideas that nature plays out every single day.
  • Northeast | April 24—25, Boston DESIGN + ________: Design is a critical component of almost every solution, but not the only part. Complex problems require expertise in engineering, business, strategy, environment, marketing and research. The question is: when should you be a jack-of-all-trades and when should you collaborate?
  • Midwest | May 1 – 2, St. Louis INTERSECTION: A common, but often underutilized, framework depicts “design innovation” at the intersection of business, technology and human values, sparking a dynamic conversation among attendees.

Don't miss these opportunities to showcase your products and services. Contact IDSA's Senior Manager, Sponsorship and Sales Katrina Kona @ katrinak@idsa.org.