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IDSA Members Grab Headlines for Envisioning Auto Design

Mar 6 2015 - 12:24pm

"This is truly a student-focused program. It's incredible mentorship." –Professor John Caruso, IDSA

Students and faculty at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design are catching the attention of General Motors. For the first time, the institute and the major automaker are partnering to develop automotive clay modeling skills.

Professor John Caruso, IDSA, describes clay modeling as a specialized designing skill with a long learning curve. “It's a skill that is gaining greater relevance in the design industry with the advent of three-dimensional scanning and printing technology.”

In this article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, see how Adam Carter, a Young Professional member of IDSA, explains his work to the GM designers—and find out when the students will learn the final critique of their models and the possibility of an internship at GM. Also, check out Pascal Malassigné, FIDSA, senior professor of industrial design, as featured in the photo gallery accompanying the article. He is the student advisor for the IDSA Student Chapter at MIAD.