Back to the Future Exhbit Re-Cap

The Industrial Design (ID) program at the University of Houston holds an ID Exhibition in May every year. This year, IDSA HTX collaborated with SIDSA at the ID program to design and organize this event. The Exhibition was held at the Mashburn Gallery and the atrium of the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design building. It is our great pleasure to resume the in-person exhibition after the past two years of virtual shows. The exhibit was designed and installed with the theme of ‘ Back to the Future ’. The pandemic put a pause on everything around us including in-person education. At the beginning of the post-pandemic time, through the live exhibition filled with innovative projects, we initiated a call: we are getting back to the business and Back to the Future.

This exhibit was designed to introduce the works of UHID students in the academic year of 2021-2022 to the University and the public. The exhibit collected about 100 best projects from freshmen to graduate students. Best senior thesis projects were installed in the Mashburn Gallery. 20+ projects covering a wide range of real-world critical issues from individuals’ health crises to the climate change. Each student conducted comprehensive research on their subjects and developed the design solutions infused with advanced technologies through functional prototyping and testing. The graduate thesis projects were installed in the Community Research TC lab across from the Mashburn Gallery. Best studio projects from Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Graduate students were showcased in the Atrium. Over a hundred guests and audiences attended the opening event on May 7th.


IDSA HTX organized the Senior Thesis Jury with a panel of local professional designers including Mars Mashburn, the vice president of Tramontina USA; Bryan Hunter, the CEO of Fahrenheit Design; James Duke, Design Director at Igloo Inc.; Haley Riccio, senior designer at NASA;  and Trent Vesasey, Design Manager at Tramontina USA. The jury conducted individual reviews and selected the top three projects. Dean Oliver  from the College of Architecture and Design made remarks and announced the winner.