Apr 4 2017 - 2:06pm

You can empathize with users, you can strategize about colors, you can even sculpt form with NURBS. But once in a while you've just got to rip something apart to do it right. Sometimes the knowledge gained is very specific to the project, but other times you gain a trick to include in your long term "Design for Production" toolkit. Others call you a genius, you simply did your homework.

Join us on Tuesday, April 18th at 6pm to share your most useful (or most surprising) learnings from product tear-downs. Bring something to inspire others, and gain several insights to use in your own work. If it helps (and it likely will) bring physical samples to pass around, pictures, or weblinks to share.

DISCUSSIONmeetup: Tear It Up!
Tuesday, April 18th at 6pm

LuLu Cafe
2265 S Howell Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
(414) 294-5858


As always, DISCUSSIONmeetup is free for IDSA professional members and those interested in finding out a bit about our chapter while networking with peers. Have an idea for our next topic? Contact idsawichair@gmail