Let Us Introduce and Welcome Alicia Dornadic to Our Team!

Feb 27 2015 - 3:41pm

We have the pleasure of introducing a new voice to the IDSA Silicon Valley team, Alicia Dornadic. She will be lending her unique perspective as a design researcher by writing some of our future posts. If you'd like a taste of her wicked writing skills, Alicia wrote us a great recap of last month's Steve Portigal event. Her blog "Spiked Punch Bowl" is also definitely worth a peek too. Welcome Alicia!

Alicia Dornadic is a design researcher and writer who partners with organizations and individuals to make products, services, and UX for real people. She has held research and design positions at Allstate Insurance and Roche Diagnostics but left to freelance, loving her ability to jump from problem to problem as she is needed.

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, she rebelled against her technology-obsessed stomping ground at first, and fled to Bordeaux, then Florence, and then to New York to earn a bachelor's in Fine Arts from New York University.

She returned to the Bay Area in 2006, bought a smartphone, and earned a master's in Applied Anthropology from San Jose State University, where she first started working with industrial designers. Here she was able to combine her love of beautiful things with practical, hands-on problem-solving. She embraces design process, ethnography, visual storytelling, and other ways of using information and collaboration to inspire forward-looking designs.

One of her current projects, a collaboration with Pas de Chocolat, is an iPhone app called Design School Cheats, and is scheduled to be released spring 2013. She is also working on a collection of shorts with her sister Seana, called “Growing Up Half Assy” (working title) about growing up half Assyrian, half white, and the misadventures that transpired. You can read ramblings on art, design, and awkward social moments on their blog,Spiked Punch Bowl, or find Alicia on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/other hot social media platforms @adorndesign.

Want to chat? You can drop her a line at alicia@dornadic.net