Introducing IDSA-Miami, Charlotte, and Dallas-Fort Worth

Sep 1 2020 - 7:20am


The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) has exciting news about the Society's professional chapters in the South District. The final two chapters in this region (IDSA-Carolina and IDSA-Florida) have been renamed. 

IDSA-Carolina will now be IDSA-Charlotte (IDSA-CHA). IDSA-Charlotte will serve members in and around Charlotte, NC; however, until new city-based chapters are formed in the region, the chapter will continue to serve all of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Southern Virginia. 

If you have questions about the ways in which IDSA-Charlotte will continue to support current members, please contact:  

IDSA-Charlotte (CHA) 

IDSA- Florida has been renamed IDSA-Miami (MIA). IDSA-Miami will serve members in and around Miami; however, until new city-based chapters are formed in the region, the chapter will continue to serve members throughout Florida. 

If you have questions about IDSA-Miami, please contact:  

IDSA-Miami (MIA) 

Both of these newly renamed chapters cover broad regions where IDSA members currently live. We look forward to the development of new city-based chapters from various areas that are currently supported by IDSA-Charlotte and IDSA-Miami. 

And speaking of new city-based chapters, IDSA is thrilled to share that IDSA-Dallas-Fort Worth (IDSA-DFW) has been approved to join our network of professional, city-based chapters! IDSA-Dallas-Fort Worth is the first new chapter to join this network since the process of renaming current IDSA chapters to key cities began in May.

IDSA-Dallas-Fort Worth will support residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the surrounding region. This new community will provide more focused professional and social experiences for members in this region and continue the tradition of engagement that has been a hallmark of IDSA chapters for decades. Many thanks to David Patton, IDSA (Chair), Seth Orsborn, IDSA (Vice Chair), and Alexander Kennedy, IDSA (Secretary-Treasurer) for spearheading the development of this new chapter and for serving as the inaugural board members. 

Since the start of the IDSA-City-Based Chapter Initiative, our hope was to begin the process of transitioning our current chapters to city-based and support the development of new professional chapters to provide more focused engagement to members. We are excited to see the successful transition of our current chapters and the launch of new city-based communities! 

If you are interested in learning more about the IDSA City-Based Chapter Initiative, or if you’d like to create a new professional chapter, contact Korie Twiggs, Community Manager.