IDSA OHC - OSU Senior Thesis Professionals Night

Apr 2 2019 - 8:54am


ID Seniors will be presenting their work and sharing it out at professionals night. ID head professor, Sebastian Proulx, and IDSA have joined up to do a special "Best in Show" Award for the IDSA students to increase awareness of the organization and shed light onto what IDSA is all about. The award will be judged by ID professionals, Rainer Tufeul, IDSA (Design Central), Tim Friar, IDSA (Design Central), and Ryan Burger, IDSA (Priority Design). The three will present the Best in Show plaque / award to the best student as well as a Runner Up prize. OHC Vice Chair, Caterina Rizzoni, will represent IDSA and the chapter with a brief presentation. Join us!