VR-AR Association Regional Kickoff - Dec. 8, 2016

Dec 8 2016 - 12:19pm

The Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Association Regional Kickoff, supported by the IDSA Kentucky Chapter, offers networking; an overview of the association's mission and member benefits; Emerging Media 101: 360 Photography, 360 Videos, AR, VR, MR
; and demonstrations. Advertising agencies, marketers and brands, digital media professionals, game developers, industrial designers, UX/UI, engineers, designers, healthcare, real estate architects and developers, educators, analysts and researchers.

The goals of the VR/AR Association are:

  • to create opportunities for influencers, companies, and individuals to meet, showcase, and collaborate on VR and AR innovations.
to promote the use of VR and AR for enterprise, entertainment, marketing, social connectivity and productivity.
  • to foster education and research on VR and AR activity related to new and unknown implications on human psychology and sociology. 

  • to assist members on growing their knowledge, getting professional exposure, growing your business, increasing profitability and reducing risks.

Join VR/AR and IDSA KY from 6 to 8 pm ET on Thursday, Aug. 8 at Kitestring Visuals, 11709 Commonwealth Court, Louisville, KY 40299. Register at  VR/AR Association Regional Kickoff and Membership Drive.