IDSA-CNY Group Tour of the Darwin Martin Complex

Oct 26 2017 - 10:31am

IDSA-CNY Tour: Saturday, Nov 4

Group lunch - 12:00PM  Parkside Meadow Please pay on your own off lunch menu

Tour - 1:30PM  Darwin Martin House  See below for free/discount admission

Please join us for lunch and a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex in Buffalo.  All are welcome, friends, spouses, colleagues and anyone interested in conversing and networking with design professionals from the US and Canada.
$32 per person – Two hour group tour ($16 for students)*
Please RSVP by Nov 1 to

*$32 off the admission price for the first 30 IDSA CNY members or their guests to sign up
30 total $32 ($16 student) discounts available, one guest discount per member.
This is a $74 value for member and guest as compared to the public two hour tour at $37 each.

 $5 off the admission price for the first 30 non-members

Please note: Lunch is not included in the admission cost.