IDSA-CHI Kickstarter Project Jam #2

Jun 12 2018 - 12:49pm

A Kickstarter Project Jam is a workshop about taking design ideas from concept to reality.This workshop—led by Chicago designer and educator Craighton Berman of Manual—will have a special focus on using Kickstarter for launching designed objects, but is open to other creative projects as well!

This Project Jam will be a mix of a "how to" for independent product development and launch as well as a share session and for peer feedback. Attendees who already have a creative project they are working on will get the feedback and direction they need to take the next step forward towards launch. (Bring any visuals or prototype/mock-ups to share!) Attendees who are not yet committed to any specific project will get a good sense of the whole process, and will get inspiration from participating in the group critique.

This event is tomorrow - Wednesday June 13th from 6:30PM - 9PM - RSVP your seat by heading to the Eventbrite here.