IDSA ATL - Game of Tribes: Reaching Across Design Silos

May 15 2019 - 8:13am


IDSA Atlanta is partnering with the Atlanta Service Design Network on May 21 to host Game of Tribes: Reaching across design silos, an engaging evening for designers from diverse backgrounds. Come to this event to learn from each other’s perspectives on practice, get exposure to new and different ways of thinking and doing, and collectively discover what makes Atlanta’s greater design community tick.

Following some mingling, participants will explore affinities—such as medium, methodology, or ethos—within and across design disciplines. Each round, spontaneous teams will work together to answer a prompt, complete an activity, or make something together. This game will illuminate how designers think and work across disciplinary lines, with the aim of inspiring all attendees to take away a new idea or method to apply to their practice.

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