Andrew Blauvelt: A Hippie Modernism?

Apr 7 2016 - 10:03am

Monday, April 18th

Woodbridge N. Ferris Building

Room 217

17 Pearl St NW

Grand Rapids, MI, 49503

Time: 7:00 PM












Andrew Blauvelt: A Hippie Modernism?

Psychedelic artists, radical architects, anti-designers, eco-communards, acid drag performers, and many other "freaks" came together in the 1960s to turn mainstream society on its head by creating new forms of art, architecture, and design. Deemed a failure during the neoconservatism of the 1970s and 1980s, their radical ideas and utopian struggles would, however, plant the seeds of today's progressive society and culture and influence a whole new generation of contemporary artists and designers.

Join Andrew Blauvelt, Director of the Cranbrook Art Museum, as he discusses his latest exhibition and book, Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia, which he organized for the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. This critically acclaimed and popular exhibition will debut at Cranbrook Art Museum on June 17 be on view through October 9, 2016.

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About Andrew Blauvelt
In 2015 Andrew Blauvelt was named Director of the Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. For 18 years he served as design director, senior curator of architecture and design, and chief communications and engagement officer at the Walker Art Center, a multidisciplinary contemporary arts museum located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art (MFA Design) and the recipient of more than 100 design honors and awards including the 2009 National Design Award for Institutional and Corporate Achievement from the Cooper-Hewitt of the Smithsonian Institution and, most recently, the 2016 Design Fellow Award from AIGA Minnesota. He writes about design and culture for a variety of publications and has taught design at numerous university programs in the U.S., Mexico, and the Netherlands.

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