Nate Young

Nate Young
SVP of Design and Ideation
Newell Brands

The senior vice president of design and ideation at Newell Brands, Nate Young brings more than 30 years of experience to teams--locally and internationally—facilitating a culture of intense creativity and idea sharing that has led to constant growth throughout the company since his arrival in 2013.

Young received his undergraduate education in automotive and industrial design from Art Center College of Design and began working for Prince Corporation, an automotive interiors company. He was later promoted to group VP. Young co-founded TWISThink and later, NewNorth Center for Design in Business, a non-profit “unconsulting” group dedicated to revitalizing innovation within their clients’ organizations. His expertise was sought out by Newell Brands, and he was invited to lead several innovation sessions for the company. His results were a testament to the impact of design thinking, and he was asked to join Newell Brands permanently.

The Best Way for Design to Become an Internal Force is not to Force It

Nate Young of Newell Brands will discuss his personal journey in entrepreneurial, academic and corporate environments—where the desire to have design become a primary voice has been paramount to success. From startup to corporate, it’s a story of conventional design wisdom which needs to be reconsidered.

Young will demonstrate a new kind of success in which design is a partner—not a competitor—and a demonstrator, rather than a talker. Design is a powerful force, if employed with the same creativity our products demand. Leaders expect it.