Nahla Osman

Nahla Osman
User Experience Designer

Nahla Osman is interested in the human centric nature of design. She initially pursued her passion by completing an industrial design degree at Georgia Tech where she studied the relationship between physical objects and human life.

After graduation, she started working at Huge as an interaction designer, expanding her capacity to think and design within systems. All design is interconnected and she is excited to be exposed to both the physical and digital realm of design.

Designing for the Responsive Environment

User experience means the entire, holistic, end-to-end context of a product or service provided for a user. Industrial design itself lives in the realm of a big user experience story. At the center of it all is the user, their needs and wants. The best products don’t live in a silo, but in fact are part of a larger ecosystem that adapts and responds to the context of that user.

However, merging the physical and digital worlds seamlessly is not a simple task, but the commonalities between the UX and ID practices can get us closer. With this relatively new wave of intelligent systems that meet you wherever you are, how can the principles of user experience design inform the way a physical product is designed in contexts across a system? Nahla Osman of Huge will explore this idea further using examples and some emerging design approaches.