Michael DiTullo, IDSA


Michael DiTullo, IDSA

Michael DiTullo has been designing iconic products for some of the world’s best brands for more than 20 years. He has worked with a wide assortment of brands including Nike, Google, Honda, Timex, Converse, Motorola, Salesforce, Hasbro, Arc Electric Boats, and Kirei. He consults with clients across product strategy, industrial design, product development, branding, and marketing creative direction. Michael is listed on over 30 patents and has won numerous awards including IDSA’s Individual Achievement Award for contributions to the design industry, an award won by design luminaries such as Jonathan Ive, Charles Eames, and Raymond Loewy. When Michael was 13 years old, he said, “I want to draw stuff from the future” for a living and that is still the best description of what he does.  



Sustainable Leadership Deep Dive 2022 Session Description


Turning Old Nikes into a Commercial Architectural Product  

Since 1992 the Nike Grind program has been collecting and processing sneakers through drop off sites at all their retail locations. The molded foams and rubbers harvested from these drop offs have been used in many commercial flooring and surfacing products. The shredded textile and leather uppers, called "Nike Fluff," have never found a commercial application outside of Nike.  

This year Kirei, a San Diego based manufacturer of commercial architectural acoustic wall and ceiling products, worked with designer Michael DiTullo, IDSA, to use Nike Fluff in an acoustic baffle engineered to tame the annoying echoes and reverberations associated with large spaces like open offices, large restaurants, auditoriums, and noisy retail environments.  

In this session, Michael will walk through the process of designing and developing the product and working with Kirei and Nike to make it a reality. 

In this session, you will learn about... 

  • Collaborating with a giant multi-national brand 
  • circular design 
  • and acoustics in spaces