Zackary Aziz, IDSA

Zackary Aziz, IDSA
Owner |  ZA Jewelry Design
Student Chapter Liaison, IDSA New York City Chapter | 2022-2023

From a very young age, Zackary Aziz has loved building gadgets, and always had a skill for creating new things. He enjoys being challenged to find solutions for everyday problems using his creations.

Zackary enrolled at the University of Bridgeport in 2017 for Electrical Engineering. Although he enjoyed his two semesters studying in that field, he found it too formulated for his free-thinking mind. His advisor recommended he change his focus to Industrial Design, and he immediately loved the field.

As a college student, Zackary has done Co-Op projects for many companies such as NASA, Unilever, Comar, Assa Abloy, and DAC Worldwide. After college, he opened ZA Jewelry Design, where he currently applies his design skills and knowledge to make custom fine jewelry for any occasion. When he’s not working, he enjoys trading card games and volunteering at a local toy store to host events to teach kids these games.