Vijay Chakravarthy


Vijay Chakravarthy
Service Design Studio Lead | Philips

Vijay is an Industrial Designer whose career has evolved into the multidisciplinary design space. With 18+ years of experience, his focus is on leading teams and crafting meaningful product and service experiences. His work spans a range of sectors including healthcare, lifestyle, transportation, and design education. He has a record of delivering successful, award-winning products and solutions that sell in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

A global citizen at heart, he has lived andworked in India, Australia, Italy, and the United States. His talks have been featured at conferences by TEDx, IxDA, and IDSA. He currently works with Philips in Seattle, where he set up the Service Design practice that bridges the worlds of Industrial Design and Service Design.



Statement of Candidacy (Chapter Director - Board of Directors | 2023-2024 term)

I have a deep passion for Industrial Design and the design community. I currently serve as the Chapter Director on the IDSA Board of Directors. Prior to this, I served as the Chapter Chair of the Western PA (2012-14) and NYC (2015-17) Chapters. I was also the DCR (2017-19) for the IDSA Northeast District and served on the nominating committee for the IDSA Board during my tenure as the Northeast DCR. Under my leadership, IDSA Chapters have seen a marked increase in member engagement, sponsorship, and notable events.

My key focus in this role is to empower the IDSA Chapters to be more relevant to the local community and members. I would champion better ways of understanding the people, businesses, and educational institutions we aim to serve at the local level. Each Chapter is different, and equipping Chapter Leaders with tools and information to better define their audiences will be the first step.

Building on this, I would advocate for tools and support that will reduce the learning curve for Chapter volunteers to organize relevant engagement activities. I would draw on my prior experiences as a Chapter Leader, while bringing service and experience design lenses into the role.