Thomas Duester, IDSA

Thomas Duester, IDSA
Co-Founder | formfuture 
Board Member, IDSA Seattle Chapter | 2020-2021

For the past 14 years, Thomas Duester has had the pleasure to work with exceptionally creative leaders and incredibly talented designers within some of the world’s leading innovation teams, including Philips Design in the Netherlands, the Huawei European Research Center in Munich, and Amazon in Seattle. 

In November 2018, he co-founded ‘formfuture’ in Ballard, Seattle. The product and innovation studio’s goal is to bring their own ideas to the market, and to collaborate with partners on projects that make sense for people, business, and the planet. 

As a craftsman, teacher, and design leader who’s worked across the globe, Duester can bring a broad set of experience to the table: strategies, education, management, etc. He would like to use these experiences to sustain and hopefully increase the visibility and value of IDSA to the fantastic creative community in Seattle and beyond.