Thomas Degn

Thomas Degn
Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design
Umeå Institute of Design

Thomas Degn is a senior lecturer in industrial design at the Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden. He has a background in applied design research and since 2008, served as director of the international master’s programme in advanced product design. He is an award-winning educator who in 2012, was promoted based on pedagogical merits and skills. In 2015, he was included in the pedagogical qualification system at his university as a Qualified Teacher.

Finding Best Practices in Education

From the two defined learning platforms of structure and process-based learning, and the three defined theoretical frameworks of constructivism, cognitivism and behaviourism—Thomas Degn shows how these are represented within the teaching practice as a successful design education.

He showcases practical case examples from three different study activities and with symbolic, graphical visualizations.

Degn contributes to the identification and understanding of best practices within vocational design education today, in the hope that these can be developed and applied in order to provide the best teaching and learning structures, no matter what new design knowledge students will need to be taught and learn in the future.