Donald Strum, IDSA

Donald Strum, IDSA  |  Michael Graves Architecture & Design

At Michael Graves Architecture & Design for many years, Donald Strum, IDSA, is the principal in charge of product, furniture and graphic design, and has played a key role in the development and the success of the firm’s product design practice. His first project for the firm was the now ubiquitous Whistling Bird Teakettle for the Italian manufacturer, Alessi.

In 1997, under the leadership of Strum, the firm began an extensive and highly successful relationship with Target stores that led to what many in the critical press have hailed as “the democratization of design.”

In 2005, after witnessing firsthand the issues Michael Graves was experiencing with an illness that left him paralyzed, Strum and the product design group made a commitment to transform healthcare design services for the aging and physically disabled population, as well as for their caregivers. Strum and his product design group have brought more than 2,000 consumer products to market in the past three decades.