Steven Umbach, IDSA

Steven Umbach, IDSA  |  Umbach Consulting Group (UCG)

Steven Umbach, IDSA, is president of Umbach Consulting Group (UCG), founded in 2001, with a focus on corporate design management and new product development consulting.  

Previously, Umbach served as marketing manager for Compaq, senior director of industrial design and mechanical engineering for Telxon and industrial design department head for Bissell. Umbach also served as a part-time design educator with the University of Houston system where he taught courses on human factors, design management and user-centered design. Umbach worked as a designer in various consulting firms around the country, including GVO, where he designed an injection device for cattle that won IDSA’s Design of The Decade award in 1990.

His work in consumer products, medical and scientific instruments and computer and technology products have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Palo Alto Times, San Jose Mercury News, Chicago Tribune, Omni Magazine, High Technology Magazine, Plastics Design Forum, Design, MacWorld, Good Housekeeping, Businessweek, Fortune Magazine, IDSA's INNOVATION and in the books; New and Notable Product Design II, and The Vacuum Cleaner: A History.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design industrial design program, Umbach earned a master's degree in management from the Georgia Institute of Technology, with a focus on business process and design firm management.

IDEA Juror 2015 – 2016
IDSA International Conference Chair 2014
IDSA Board At-large-Director 2011
IDSA Texas Chapter Southern Vice-Chair 2005 – 2007
IDSA Florida Chapter Chair 1985 – 1986
IDSA Boston Chapter Treasurer 1983 – 1985