Stephen Nelson, IDSA

Stephen Nelson, IDSA
Senior Human Factors Scientist

Stephen Nelson, IDSA, is a senior human factors scientist at Medtronic. He has a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the University of Cincinnati.

Nelson is the industrial designer on the human factors team, which works to ensure that products meet the needs of the patient or clinician. Specifically, Nelson works on the look, feel, function and interface of products, in addition to all of the human factors deliverables required for regulatory submissions.

Designing through Data: How Formative Testing and Summative Testing Lead to Understanding User Needs and Creating Successful Products

Stephen Nelson, IDSA, will focus on formative and summative user testing as they relate to medical device design in a large organization, with case studies from digital interface design and physical hardware design.

Nelson will show the use of prototyping as a tool to gain deep understanding of customers’ needs for the product, and their workflow. This presentation will discuss the  difference in methods and rationale between formative and summative testing, and how they relate to the documentation needed to submit a product for regulatory approval.  He hopes to spark a conversation about the place of design within the development of a medical device.

Panel Discussion | Formative Design Techniques-Generative Insights from Clinicians


Sean Hägen will be moderating a panel discussion on generative techniques for eliciting design inputs in the healthcare space. How do enable the type-A commando personality, so common among clinicians, to share their aspirations and unmet needs. What are the most creative means by which you’ve elicited feedback or idea generation from a user?