Stephen Melamed, FIDSA

Stephen Melamed, FIDSA
Chair/Clinical Professor, Industrial Design
School of Design - University of Illinois at Chicago

Stephen Melamed, FIDSA, is an industrial designer and design educator. At the University of Illinois, Chicago, he is the chair of the Industrial Design Department in the School of Design in the College of Architecture, Design and the Arts. Melamed is also a principal in the Chicago-based boutique consultancy, PlusD2.

What / So What / Now What: Future of the Future of Industrial Design Education

Design, with the capital D, has become embedded into the fabric of contemporary commercial enterprises, socially responsible organizations and philosophical discourse. Undergraduate industrial design education has successfully evolved and matured concurrently with this dramatic increase in design awareness and the impact that “good design” can have on artifacts, user experiences and interfaces. But what role should graduate industrial design education now play?

Steven Melamed, FIDSA, states his point-of-view from the prospective of a practitioner with almost four decades of experience—who transitioned 15 years ago into the academic community. Melamed will try to stimulate the conversation around the purpose, value and mission of the future of the future of graduate industrial design education.