Stephanie Schacht

Stephanie Schacht

Stephanie Schacht is a sociologist and advocate of community-based economies. She leads Responsible Seller Growth at the B Corp and online marketplace, Etsy, where with a talented team of maker specialists, she supports Etsy sellers who want to scale their businesses in a values-aligned way.

Schacht also serves on Etsy’s founding Sustainability Commission and sits on two of its task forces. Previously, she consulted on other values-aligned initiatives and did field work with leaders in the local food movement. She holds a PhD in sociology from Princeton University and an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University.

Independent Designers and US Manufacturing

Etsy has for ten years empowered creative people around the world to leverage the democratizing power of the internet to start and grow their small businesses. As sellers have grown with us, some are choosing to work with outside manufacturers— many in their home countries. Stephanie Schacht will discuss research involving Etsy designers, how US manufacturers can work with small creative businesses and some real life success stories.