Sohrab Vossoughi

Sohrab Vossoughi, IDSA | Ziba

In 2010 Sohrab Vossoughi was the conference chair for the highly successful IDSA's 2010 DIY International Conference in Portland. The conference provided some deep insights into the DIY movement and the contribution and part that Portland is playing in the movement. 

Vossoughi is founder and president of ZIBA Design, the company he started in 1984. The recipient of more than 30 patents and over 200 design awards, he was named BusinessWeek's Entrepreneur of the Year in 1992. He continues to direct projects for clients including Nike, Microsoft, Xerox and Hewlett-Packard.

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Statement from the 2011 IDSA Personal Recognition Award committee

The model most often followed to deliver an IDSA conference has been to task a team of volunteers with organizing the proceedings while charging the IDSA staff with securing all of the logistics. That division of labor has proven simple to execute and financially feasible. In many cases though, it has under-emphasized clear thinking about the conference experience.

Until Sohrab Voussoughi stepped up to chair our 2010 conference, IDSA rarely challenged ourselves to consider whether we were designing the ideal design conference experience.

Sohrab made a major investment of his time, the time and talents of a number of Ziba staffers and Ziba’s considerable resources to deliver IDSA’s international conference last year in Portland. In doing so, he and the Ziba team set a new bar for IDSA conferences and showed how a well branded, tightly defined conference can bring value to our profession.
Sohrab was respectful of IDSA’s position. He was financially disciplined in his behavior. And he was generous in the extreme. In a word, Sohrab was a great friend to our Society and, in turn, to the entire design community.

We are very pleased to honor him tonight with IDSA’s personal recognition award.