Sean Hägen, IDSA

Sean Hägen
Principal, Director of Research & Synthesis, BlackHägen Design, Inc.

Sean Hägen, IDSA, earned a bachelor’s degree in product design from The Ohio State University’s industrial design program, with an emphasis on human factors engineering, design research and design methodology. He has more than 25 years of research and product development experience in a variety of industries—ranging from luxury yachts and consumer electronics to mission critical, ruggedized electronics and medical devices.

Since founding BlackHägen Design, Inc. (BH) in 1995, Sean has lead design research and usability design projects in both institutional and home environments across 18 countries. His current focus at BH is in the management of the user research and insight translation phases of product development in the medical design and development space. That focus includes contextual inquiry, usability testing, user-centric innovation, user requirements and user interface design for seven of the top ten medical device manufacturers.

Hägen has served as a jury member for the International Design Excellence (IDEA) and Medical Design Excellence Awards. He has published articles on usability design in MD&DI, Medical Design and other magazines including serving as the guest editor for the summer issue of IDSA’s INNOVATION magazine in 2014. Hägen has contributed to the development of domestic and international standards on usability design and human factors engineering. He’s currently an active member of the AAMI Human Factors Committee, where he is a contributing author for the TIR50 and TIR59 technical reports—as well as a lead author on the revision of ANSI/HE75.

Hägen has served as the IDSA Medical Section Chair since 2010; on the IDSA US Government Task Force; and on the IDSA Board of Directors as Section VP since 2014—when he initiated and piloted the special interest conference prototype by the IDSA, and served as the first IDSA Medical Design Conference Chair.

Statement of Candidacy
If elected, my plan is to implement the initiatives I started in my first term, including re-tooling the Sections to harmonize with the categories in IDEA, and ultimately be a repository of continuing professional education resources for IDSA membership. This will include providing the individual Section leadership and general members with a forum, and specific mechanisms, for the sharing of knowledge and interdisciplinary resources specific to the evolving array of industry niches that is industrial design. Through this objective, Sections will support and enable the promotion of IDSA’s value proposition to our members with continuing education tailored to the diverse specialties in which designers lead industry.

These strategies were demonstrated in 2013-2015 with presentation content representing the most active sections at the IDSA International Conference in Seattle and in webinar series. Examples where my term as Section VP enabled section leadership to provide value to our members include events and webinars by following sections: Women in Design; Ecodesign; Design Protection; Medical; and Materials & Processes.

My contribution to IDSA leadership of a design-driven culture, in collaboration with headquarters staff, will include the management and development of Sections-related operations and infrastructure; including the following responsibilities:

  • Develop member awareness of the value and function of the IDSA
  • Facilitate design quality through professional development and education—specifically, strengthening the relationship between ID academia and the Special Interest Sections
  • Enable the individual Section leadership to excel at their objectives
  • Strengthen IDSA’s Brand, Operations and Infrastructure—including optimizing website access to the Special Interest Sections
  • Promote the benefits, awareness and value of design in business and society
  • Create a vital and expanding global design community
  • Provide access to specific information most relevant to the design profession
  • Pursue continual improvements to IDSA
  • Engage and promote relations between the IDSA and the US government

My history of service to the members of the IDSA includes:

  • OSU IDSA Student Chapter Secretary
  • Managed the OSU IDSA Student Chapter Sketching Workshop at R&S
  • Florida Chapter Vice Chair
  • Hosted Florida Chapter student event at BlackHägen Design (Orlando office)
  • Hosted Florida Chapter event at Cape Kennedy
  • Medical Section Vice Chair (2008–2010)
  • IDSA International Conference committee member, Miami
  • Medical Section Chair (2010–present)
  • IDSA International Conference Medical Track initiator, Boston (2012)
  • IDSA representative on the AAMI HF committee, Washington, DC
  • Initiated the 1st Annual IDSA Medical Design Conference (2014)
  • IDSA Government Task Force subcommittee member
  • IDSA Special Interest Section Vice President
  • Planning Committee member for the 2nd IDSA Medical Design Conference (2015)