Scott Tsukamaki


Scott Tsukamaki
Digital Product Desiger | Fluke

Scott Tsukamaki is a physical and digital product designer who has launched a wide variety of products, ranging from dog toys to professional tools. He has led the design for various businesses, start-ups, and corporations. He is currently based out of the Seattle area and designs for Fluke Corporation, where he’s been granted multiple U.S. and worldwide design and utility patents. Scott is a graduate of the University of Washington (BFA 2008, MD 2017).

Scott is passionate about helping designers and businesses grow, building lasting relationships, and empowering others through good design. He’s partnered with companies, individuals, and entrepreneurs to provide expertise in facilitating product visions for their ideas. His partnerships have helped raise the necessary funding to start various ideas and transition them into long-term revenue.

In addition to his practice as a consultant and in-house designer, he’s a lecturer at the University of Washington; a volunteer mentor at Offsite, mentoring students and young professionals; and the Seattle IDSA Chapter Chair.



Statement of Candidacy (West District Representative - Districts Committee | 2023-2024 term)

Thank you for the nomination to run for the West DCR position! For the last two and a half years, I’ve been on the board of the Seattle chapter. I joined to help bring designers together and provide equitable experiences to the community.

Remembering back when I was a student and entering the profession, the relationships I made with the local IDSA chapter were instrumental to my current career. What did these relationships look like? They were ones where I could ask questions about what it's like to be a professional designer, and they could understand my perspective as an up-and-coming designer. Creating these opportunities to bridge the gap between education, young professionals, and seasoned veterans make chapters thrive.

One of the top questions I get as chapter chair is: what value does the IDSA provide? Feeling you’re welcome encourages people to attend events, learn new ideas, and join the organization. During the past few years in Seattle, we’ve brought diverse experiences to our community by varying our offerings. This includes talks by makers, software tutorials, UX panels, launching a Women in Design chapter, and restarting our Jr. Student Merit awards. I believe providing space for people to feel comfortable to build a community is the most valuable asset to IDSA. As the West DCR representative, I plan on working with the chapters to help bring more of these types of events to their respective communities.

As your DCR West representative, I will continue to push for diverse members, content, and value for the organization. Thank you for your vote!