Scott Shim, IDSA

Scott Shim, IDSA
IDSA Board of Directors Education VP (2016-2018)

Professor of Industrial Design at University of Notre Dame

Scott Shim, IDSA, is a professor of Industrial Design at University of Notre Dame. His research endeavors in design thinking, design opportunity assessment and design entrepreneurship have often led to international design accolades and industry partnership opportunities. Previously, he was a faculty member of the Design Department at Ohio State University and Purdue University.

Shim’s design work has been recognized internationally with many of his projects attracting media coverage, including on the cover of TIME Magazine. Shim’s professional experience includes more than 10 years in product development, during which he obtained more than 30 design patents and multiple design awards. He spent a majority of his professional career at Daewoo Electronics Design Center where he managed various consumer products. Shim continues to be active in design practice and consulting for both domestic and international clients.

Shim has been a full-time educator for 13 years and participated consistently in regional and national IDSA events. His responsibilities as the program coordinator at Ohio State University allow him to manage operational issues and determine actionable items, which have helped him to mature as a senior educator. After years of observing the progression of this organization, he is ready to share his knowledge and insight to better serve designers of diverse backgrounds. He represents the voice of educators and facilitate beneficial connections between industrial design and academia.

Shim chaired IDSA/Eastman Education Symposium 2016 in Detroit and is chairing the IDSA/Eastman Education Symopsium 2017 in Atlanta. He's also facilitating networking opportunities for members on a personal level; thus, openly discussing “real world topics” such as tenure and promotions, industry partnership, curriculum development, and so on.

Shim's long-term goal is to discuss and share a holistic vision on the future of design education. He believes design discipline is in a critical phase as contextual applications and delivery methods are evolving quickly in front of our eyes. Shim hopes to collaborate as a community on establishing a sustainable pedagogy so we can better prepare our future designers.