Sasha Tseng


Sasha Tseng
Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer | Nooie

Sasha is a design leader who taps nearly 20 years of experience and industrial design roots to reimagine the brand experience. She is passionate about creating holistic brand experiences that integrate branding, ID, and UX. She is also an entrepreneur. Her mission is to build products and business opportunities that make others feel connected and fulfilled.

She co-founded a smart home brand company, Nooie, in 2018 as a Chief Design Officer, assembling and guiding a multidisciplinary team to bring creative ideas to life. At the same time, Nooie delivers a brand experience that goes far beyond individual products.

Outside of design and business, Sasha strives to foster authenticity, respect her vulnerabilities, and embrace the world with curiosity and compassion.



Statement of Candidacy (West District Representative - Women in Design Committee | 2023-2024 term)

I have a deep industrial design background of 20 years. From LUNAR, NIO, and Hewlett Packard to Nooie, my journey from designer to entrepreneur and business owner includes stops at consultancies and corporations. At Nooie, I am creating end-to-end brand experiences that can make people feel happy and fulfilled. I am looking to join a design leadership community to continue contributing, learning, and growing.