Sarah Marie Maddox

Sarah Marie Maddox
Design Researcher and UX Designer

Sarah Marie Maddox is a Design Researcher and UX Designer at IBM, where she works on products that leverage analytics for enterprise solutions. Beginning her career as an Industrial Designer, she found her way to software design through a love of tackling large-scale problems with a focus on users. She proudly holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's in Industrial Design, both from Georgia Tech.

A Field Guide to Survive as a Designer of Enterprise Software

Enterprise software is traditionally seen as bloated, confusing, and often even a little jarring. The problems with these applications are vast and intimidating, but that makes them fertile ground for exploring how great design affects communities at scale. Enterprise companies are realizing the impact design can make on their organizations, creating many opportunities to start or expand a career working in software at a big company. Sarah Marie Maddox will share her journey working at IBM to address how to take on the challenge of working on complex software in a difficult field.