Sarah Crooks, IDSA

Sarah Crooks, IDSA
Community & Development Lead | INDEED Innovation
Secretary-Treasurer, IDSA New York City Chapter | 2022-2023

Driven by curiosity, Sarah believes everyone—and everything—has a story. Sitting at the intersection of business, design, and the circular economy, she has a rare ability to translate both the business and design worlds. Sarah is a researcher and sponge for new information, always absorbing and sharing trends and insights and strategically thinking about what’s next.

Merging her analytical background via a bachelor’s degree in economics with her visual acuity from her master’s in design, Sarah is able to visualize things before they exist—whether that’s potential partnerships, new offerings, revenue streams or hidden superpowers in the people around her. She leverages the creator’s mindset to help clients and collaborators visualize what is possible.

Sarah has a sustainable vision, focusing on all things related to the circular economy and triple-bottom line KPIs. She is an advocate of intrapreneurship and sustainable change management, identifying people’s strengths and helping them articulate and expand their potential with positive impact. Sarah is currently playing a key role in connecting INDEED Innovations’ EU business with their expansion into the US, in NYC and beyond. Her curiosity has led her on many adventures both globally and locally, from hiking remote corners of the world to discovering urban cafés armed with a good book.