RitaSue Siegel, FIDSA

RitaSue Siegel, FIDSA
Founder, Partner and President
RitaSue Siegel Resources

RitaSue Siegel, FIDSA, is founder, partner and president of the design leadership recruitment firm RitaSue Siegel Resources—with influence at the intersection of design, business, media and education. Siegel earned her BID and MID from Pratt. Her honors include: the Rowena Reed Kostellow Award; an Alumni Achievement Award from Pratt; induction into the IDSA Academy of Fellows in 2015; and the IDSA Special Award in 2011. Siegel’s writings, such as the essential “How to Get a Job in Industrial Design,” have provided countless young designers with an outstanding guide for advancing their careers.

The Rise of the Case History Portfolio
Potential employers are interested in seeing how you reached the form you gave to an idea, ffor a product, UX or an ecosystem. They aren't looking just for glamour shots of final designs. RitaSue Siegel, FIDSA, recommends sharing your research; early concepts; what was launched; and the results. Find out how.