Richard Beien

Richard Beien | Indiana Student Liaison

As a junior in the Purdue University industrial design program, Richard Beien has already shown excellence both as a designer, as well as a liaison between industrial design students and working professionals. Richard was recently awarded an honorable mention from the International Housewares Association in 2012, A Delta Chrome Award in 2011 and has contributed his efforts as a designer at Tangible Inc. in Chicago, where he worked as an intern.

Born and raised in Chicago, Richard has always recognized the importance of professional networking. As IDSA Indiana’s student liaison, Richard helps organize events, programs and mixers so that industrial design students can come together regardless of their school and start meeting, sharing and collaborating with one another.

Richard currently sees a bottleneck between energetic new designers and the firms that can grow with their talent, and seeks to address this opportunity by keeping fluent communication within the industry as a whole. Already this year, Richard has organized 2 guest lectures and a sketch workshop event.